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Access and System / Report and Data Set Content / Data Development and Interpretation

Access and System questions:

For questions about the use of this system, access methods, and your comments and suggestions for system improvement you can contact Mann Library.  

Mann Library generally answers USDA email reference questions that can be answered only with the resources on the USDA System, unless you are a member of the current Cornell community.  If you have a USDA or agricultural question this is outside of the scope of the System, it is best to contact the USDA or particular issuing agency. You can also try your local library.  Links to the USDA and agencies are listed on the header of this page as well as further down this page. 

Albert R. Mann Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4301
Phone: (607) 255-5406

Report and data set content questions:

For questions about the content of reports and data sets on the System please get in touch with the the issuing agency directly.  Below is a list of the agencies represented on the System.

Economic Research Service prepares data about the economic value of domestic and foreign agricultural products. ERS publishes several Situation and Outlook reports and many of the Data-sets available by the server.

Information Center
Economic Research Service
Room 3100
1800 M St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-694-5050 Fax: 202-694-5718

National Agricultural Statistics Service prepares data about the domestic production of agricultural products. NASS published many commodity Reports and several major Data-sets such as Crops County Data.

National Agricultural Statistics Service
Room 5805-South
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 1-800-727-9540
Fax: 202-690-1311

World Agricultural Outlook Board prepares regular forecasts of domestic and world supply-and-demand prospects for major agricultural commodities.

World Agricultural Outlook Board
Room 5143-South
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-720-5447
Fax: 202-690-1805

Data development or interpretation:

Questions concerning the development or interpretation of data sets should be addressed to the subject-area data specialist identified in the README file. You should contact these specialists when you have a content-related question, such as units of measure, survey methods, missing data, etc.


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