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Crops County Data

National Agricultural Statistics Service NASS

This is an archive and email subscription service for reports issued by NASS. The official website is www.nass.usda.gov with other data services.


USDA-NASS Crop County Data is in fixed field format for crop years 1972 through 1998. The data items are planted and harvested acreage, yield per harvested acre, and total production by county and Crop Reporting District. Files include data by cropping practice (such as irrigated, non irrigated, summer-fallow and continuous crop), depending on the crop and state.

Beginning in 2000, NASS no longer publishes Crops County Data files.  These data (and much more) can now be found using QuickStats.  Quick Stats allows you to find information based on commodity, location and time period.  It also allows you to visualize data on a map, export results, and save links for future use.

 For help using these files or Quick Stats, please contact help@usda.mannlib.cornell.edu

Publication Coverage: Jan 01, 1989 to Jan 01, 1999

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