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Milk Cows and Production - Final Estimates

National Agricultural Statistics Service NASS

This is an archive and email subscription service for reports issued by NASS. The official website is www.nass.usda.gov with other data services.

Description: This bulletin presents final estimates, including revisions made by the Agricultural Statistics Board (ASB), for the production years 1998 through 2002. Number of milk cows, production per cow, and total production were published during calendar years 1998-2002 in periodic ASB reports. The number of livestock operations and inventory by size groups will be published in Livestock Operations - Final Estimates 1998-2002, Statistical Bulletin No. 1002. Data included in this publication provide a historic record and a benchmark for current estimates. Disposition and Income data will be published in the Milk Disposition and Income - Final Estimates 1998-2002 Statistical Bulletin No. 996.

Publication Coverage: Apr 01, 2004 to Sep 04, 2014

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