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U.S. Wildlife Damage

National Agricultural Statistics Service NASS

This is an archive and email subscription service for reports issued by NASS. The official website is www.nass.usda.gov with other data services.

Description: This report will show the total crop and livestock losses incurred by agricultural producers from wildlife damage. Economic losses will be divided into three categories: field crops; livestock and poultry; and vegetables, fruits and nuts. The reports will also show how much damage was caused by different wildlife species. U.S. Wildlife Damage is published every 5 years.

Publication Coverage: May 03, 2002 to May 03, 2002

Latest Releases:

U.S. Wildlife Damage, 05.03.2002 [pdf]
U.S. Wildlife Damage, 05.03.2002 [txt]
U.S. Wildlife Damage, 05.03.2002 [zip]

Previous Releases:

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