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Daily Spot Quotations, Entire Report -- PDF announcement only

Agricultural Marketing Service AMS

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Description: An announcement that a PDF copy of this report has been prepared and placed in the USDA AMS report repository. The email message is formatted in ASCII text and contains a URL for the PDF formated report. Released each trading day of the year. Includes prices and quotations in each designated Upland spot market (Southeast, North Delta, South Delta, East Texas-Oklahoma, West Texas, Desert Southwest, San Joaquin Valley) and Pima spot cotton market (Desert Southwest, San Joaquin Valley) and average U.S. prices, bale transactions reported, daily closing prices, and settlement differences for qualities tenderable for futures delivery. This report also includes the season high and low of the seven market average base quotations for Upland cotton, the current value of the Pima Competitiveness Payment, the Upland Step 2 Payment, the Adjusted World Price (AWP), the Coarse Count Adjustment, and the Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) (or Marketing Loan Gain).

Publication Coverage: Dec 31, 1969 to Nov 20, 2018

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