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  Rice Yearbook (89001)


U.S. rice production, supply, disappearance, trade, and price data. Includes state acreage, yield, and production data; U.S. and world price series; and price support program statistics. Contains world supply and use estimates as well.

Data-set updated: March 2009

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Rice Yearbook Archive Rice Yearbook 2008
  • Complete Data-set in Compressed Zip File [89001.zip]
  1. Table01.xls U.S. rice production, supply, use, and season-average farm price, total rice and by class
  2. Table02.xls Rough and milled rice (rough equivalent): Marketing year supply and disappearance
  3. Table03.xls Long grain rough and milled rice (rough equivalent): Marketing year supply and disappearance
  4. Table04.xls Medium/short grain rough and milled rice (rough equivalent): Marketing year supply and disappearance
  5. Table05.xls Rough rice milled, total milled produced, and milling rates, United States
  6. Table06.xls U.S. Rice milling rates
  7. Table07.xls Rice stocks: Rough and milled
  8. Table08.xls State and U.S. rice production by class
  9. Table09.xls State and U.S. rice acreage, yield, and production, by class
  10. Table10.xls State and U.S. rice area planted, by class
  11. Table11.xls U.S. rice acreage, yield, and production
  12. Table12.xls U.S. and State average rice yields per harvested acre
  13. Table13.xls Proportional distribution of rice production, by class, United States
  14. Table14.xls Prices and payment rates for rice
  15. Table15.xls Class loan rates and differentials
  16. Table16.xls Adjusted world rice price, loan rate basis
  17. Table17.xls Rough rice: Average price received by farmers by month and marketing year
  18. Table18.xls Milled rice: Average price, f.o.b. mills, at selected milling centers
  19. Table19.xls Rice byproducts: Monthly average price, Southwest Louisiana
  20. Table20.xls Brewers' prices: Monthly average price for Arkansas brewer's rice
  21. Table21.xls Thailand milled rice prices, f.o.b. Bangkok
  22. Table22.xls Milled rice export price quotes, major exporters
  23. Table23.xls World rice supply and utilization
  24. Table24.xls World rice trade (milled basis): Exports and imports for selected countries and regions
  25. Table25.xls U.S. rice exports by type
  26. Table26.xls U.S. rice exports by program
  27. Table27.xls Top-10 U.S. rice export markets
  28. Table28.xls U.S. rice imports by origin, market year