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Help Search Tips

There are two ways to search ESMIS: Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Quick Search

Simply enter keywords or a phrase in the box on the left side of any page. After pressing "Submit" all fields, including a full description of the report, will be searched. To search by title only, be sure to check the "Title Only" option to restrict the query.

AMS produces thousands of reports annually. By including AMS reports in your query, the maximum number of results will be returned. To reduce the number of reports returned, only select the agency of interest.

If a more advanced search is required, select "Advanced Search".

Special Query Terms:

  • Boolean AND Search: The word "and" is automatically inserted between two or more words in the search box. For example, For example, if you enter "cattle grazing", results matching both "cattle" AND "grazing" are returned.
  • Boolean OR Search: Use an uppercase OR between terms to retrieve information that contains either word "A" OR word "B". For example, if you enter "cattle OR grazing", resulting matching either "cattle" or "grazing" are returned.
  • Phrase Search: Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks or connecting them with hyphens (i.e., "food guide pyramid" or food-guide-pyramid).
  • Exclude Query Term: Place a minus ("-"); sign before a term that you want to exclude from the search results (i.e., "imports -dairy").

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search offers the same functionality as the Quick Search and also provides additional options.

Search terms can be further defined:

  • With ALL words (AND search described above)
  • With ANY words (OR search described above)
  • With an EXACT phase
  • withOUT words

Which search fields can be defined by selecting:

  • Title
  • All fields (title, description, and keywords)

Other options include filter by agency and sort by agency or title.

Additional Search Tips

If you can't find what you're looking for, try a broader search term (i.e., use "cattle" instead of "Hereford", or "nuts" instead of "almonds").

Quick Search and Advanced Search are intended to help you to find appropriate reports and datasets for further investigation. It does not search the content within each dataset or report, just the title, description and keywords. Once you have identified a resource, you can go directly to that report or dataset for more information.