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  U.S. Strawberry Industry (95003)


Annual data on U.S. and State harvested acreage, yield, production, prices, crop value, trade, and per capita use of strawberries. Also includes monthly data on shipments, imports and exports, and world data on production and trade.

Data-set updated June 2013.

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  • table01.xls U.S. strawberry production, utilization, prices, and values, 1970-2012
  • table02.xls Deflated U.S. strawberry prices and values, 1970-2012
  • table03.xls Value of utilized production for fresh-market U.S. fruit, 1990-2012
  • table04.xls U.S. strawberry harvested acreage, yield per acre, and production,13 States, 1970-2012
  • table05.xls California strawberry area, 1970-2012
  • table06.xls U.S. strawberry prices received by growers, major States, by use,1970-2012
  • table07.xls Monthly U.S. strawberry shipments, by source, 1980-2012
  • table08.xls Monthly prices received by growers for fresh strawberries, 1980-2012
  • table09.xls Monthly retail prices for fresh strawberries, 1980-2012
  • table10.xls Monthly disappearance of frozen strawberries in California, 1980-2012
  • table11.xls U.S. frozen strawberry stocks, 48-State total, end of month,1980-2012
  • table12.xls U.S. supply and utilization of fresh-market strawberries, 1970-2012
  • table13.xls U.S. supply and utilization of frozen strawberries, 1970-2012
  • table14.xls Monthly U.S. imports of fresh strawberries, 1989-2012
  • table15.xls Monthly U.S. imports of frozen strawberries, 1989-2012
  • table16.xls Monthly U.S. imports of fresh and frozen strawberries from Mexico,1980-2012
  • table17.xls Monthly U.S. exports of fresh strawberries, by destination, 1989-2012
  • table18.xls U.S. exports of fresh and frozen strawberries, by destination,1980-2012
  • table19.xls World strawberry area harvested, 1990-2011
  • table20.xls World strawberry production, 1990-2011
  • table21.xls World strawberry exports, 1990-2010
  • table22.xls World strawberry imports, 1990-2010