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U.S. Sweet Potato Statistics


This data product provides detailed statistics on sweet potatoes for the United States and individual sweet potato-producing states for 1960-2010. Acreage, yield, production, and value are presented by State. Other statistical series include U.S. per capita use, price indexes, shipments, arrivals, exports and imports by county, and selected cost of production. World acreage, production, exports, and imports are also included.

Data-set updated June 2011.

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  • Table01.xls Census number of farms with sweet potatoes & area harvested, 1978-2007
  • Table02.xls U.S. sweet potato production by state, 1900-2010
  • Table03.xls Alabama fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table04.xls Arkansas fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table05.xls California fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table06.xls Florida fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table07.xls Georgia fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table08.xls Kansas fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-68
  • Table09.xls Kentucky fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-64
  • Table10.xls Louisiana fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table11.xls Missouri fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-64
  • Table12.xls Maryland fresh sweet potatoes, 1992-94
  • Table13.xls Mississippi fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2007
  • Table14.xls North Carolina fresh sweet potatoes, 1920-2010
  • Table15.xls New Jersey fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table16.xls New Mexico fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-68
  • Table17.xls Oklahoma fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-68
  • Table18.xls South Carolina fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2009
  • Table19.xls Tennessee fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-68
  • Table20.xls Texas fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2010
  • Table21.xls Virginia fresh sweet potatoes, 1960-2009
  • Table22.xls U.S. acreage, yield, production, value, & disposition, 1900-2010
  • Table23.xls Arrivals of fresh swt potatoes in selected U.S. cities, 1985-98
  • Table24.xls U.S. monthly domestic shipments of sweet potatoes, 1978-2010
  • Table25.xls U.S. swt potatoes: Supply, utilization, and price, 1970-2011
  • Table26.xls U.S. swt potato exports to selected countries, fresh, 1989-2010
  • Table27.xls U.S. swt potato exports to selected countries, frozen, 1997-2010
  • Table28.xls U.S. swt potato imports from selected countries, fresh, 1989-2010
  • Table29.xls U.S. swt potato imports from selected countries, frozen, 1996-2010
  • Table30.xls U.S. swt potato trade: Monthly export and import volume, 1989-2010
  • Table31.xls Sweet potatoes: U.S. wholesale price index, 1947-2011
  • Table32.xls Sweet potatoes: U.S. wholesale price index, New York, 1947-91
  • Table33.xls Sweet potatoes: U.S. wholesale price index, Chicago, 1947-91
  • Table34.xls Sweet potatoes: Cost of production in North Carolina, 2002
  • Table35.xls Sweet potatoes: Cost of production in Louisiana, 2007
  • Table36.xls World sweet potatoes: Harvested area by country, 1961-2009
  • Table37.xls World sweet potatoes: Production by country, 1961-2009
  • Table38.xls World sweet potatoes: Import volume by country, 1980-2008
  • Table39.xls World sweet potatoes: Import value by country, 1980-2008
  • Table40.xls World sweet potatoes: Export volume by country, 1980-2008
  • Table41.xls World sweet potatoes: Export value by country, 1980-2008
  • Table42.xls World sweet potatoes: Import unit value by country, 1990-2008